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origami long gem box tutorial ♦︎ diy ♦︎ paper kawaii

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Learn how to make a long origami gem box, this is like a crystal with two points. This a more advanced model, but not too hard. Makes a wonderful gift box! 💗 ⬇ more info ⬇

Get a FREE printable origami paper pack: http://www.paperkawaii.com/free-paper ▶️
Paper used: http://amzn.to/29Ajr06 & http://amzn.to/29VlzO3 ✅

Oh dear, people are starting to notice I only make boxes, so… wonder what the next video will be 😅 Maybe another gem kind of thing! 💎

I came up with this box AGES ago, back when I did the gem box and templates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alYW9oaEiNk … just forgot about it.

This is a more complicated box to make. I am thinking of drawing up the diagram for this, depends on how well the video does, so do let me know in the comments if you would be interested, and don’t forget to give my video a thumbs up! 👍🏼😉

Design: PaperKawaii
LEVEL : ★★★★☆


▸ 2 sheets of square paper

The smaller sheet is 3/4 the size of the larger one.

I used: 20 x 20 cm & 15 x 15 cm

Final Size: 10.7 cm L x 5.3 cm W x 3.5 cm H

Other size combinations:
15 x 15 cm & 11 x 11 cm
Final size: 8 cm L x 4 cm W x 2.7 cm H
17 x 17 cm & 13 x 13 cm
Final size: 9 cm L x 4.5 cm W x 3 cm H
21 x 21 cm & 16 x 16 cm
Final size: 11 cm L x 5.6 cm W x 3.7 cm H
30 x 30 cm & 23 x 23 cm
Final size: 15.8 cm L x 8 cm W x 5.3 cm H

For more info please visit my blog post: ?

// Copyright Notice ⚠️
Do NOT make a video tutorial, photo tutorial or diagram of this origami model!
I have searched and checked for any previous designer and found none, this is my design, and I do not give you permission to copy or re-upload or recreate this tutorial in any way, unless you ask first.

// FAQ
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